Pediatric Imaging Essentials

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ISBN: 9783131661913

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"This book is an ideal resource not only for residents and fellows looking for a practice-oriented text, but for seasoned veterans across a variety of subspecialties who want to expand their knowledge of pediatric imaging." -- YJBM
For all radiologists diagnosing infants and children, knowledge of best practices in pediatric imaging is essential to safely obtaining high-quality images and achieving accurate diagnoses. This practical text covers current guidelines and key topics in the field, including choice of modality, equipment and dosages, child-specific diseases, typical imaging findings, differential diagnostic aspects, and safety factors. This book is invaluable for all clinicians and radiologists who diagnose and manage this sensitive population.

Special Features:

Explores the use of all standard imaging modalities in children as compared to adults, especially with regard to ultrasound, CT, and MRI
Supplies more than 600 high-quality images to help in interpreting findings, including imaging of suspected child abuse
Shows how to adapt examination protocols and equipment requirements for the specialized needs of pediatric patients
Describes important safety protection measures in children utilizing the ALARA principle of radiation exposure (As Low As Reasonably Achievable)
Summarizes a wide array of pediatric diseases and disorders in a concise, checklist format, including clinical features, imaging findings, differential diagnosis, associated syndromes, and treatment recommendations
Includes lists of indications, summary tables, imaging protocols, case studies, and quiz questions to test your knowledge
This book provides a fundamental understanding of imaging in infants and children and is an ideal, practice-oriented reference for residents, fellows in pediatric radiology, and general radiologists. It is also written for pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, and other interested doctors and specialists who want to know more about imaging specifics in the pediatric age group."Practice-Relevant Knowledge from Acclaimed Experts in Pediatric Radiology With so many children seen in office settings and primary care facilities, a sound basic knowledge and good working skills in pediatric radiology have become an essential part of specialty training in radiology. In the Pediatric Radiology Trainer, recognized experts in pediatric radiology give a clear and concise review of essential knowledge while providing all the information needed to prepare for certification exams. The book is also written for pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, and other interested doctors and specialists who want to know more about imaging specifics in the pediatric age group. Systematic learning and practice-oriented outcome assessment --- Face your board exams with confidence. As detailed as necessary -The different roles of specific imaging modalities compared with adults, especially with regard to ultrasound and CT -The special importance of radiation protection in children -Numerous child-specific diseases and disorders -Imaging of child abuse As concise as possible -Information presented in a #checklist# format with tables, flowcharts, and lists of indications -Concise theoretical background---only what you need to understand practice-related content -Brief case reports illustrate typical clinical questions and findings in children -Case quizes to test your knowledge