Physical Therapy Examination and Assessment

234 S. , 360 Abb. , Broschiert (FH)
ISBN: 9783131746412

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Examination, clinical reasoning, therapeutic interventions, and the therapist-patient relationship all play an inseparable part in the physical therapy process. Physical Therapy and Assessment provides PT students with logical, step-by-step guidance on how to perform examinations, document findings, draw up individual treatment plans, and so help students gain a better understanding of this complex process.

Key Features include:

More than 350 high-quality color photos and illustrations that accompany detailed assessment descriptions
Specific guidance on: structures and functions of the musculoskeletal system; joint measurement based on the neutral zero method; testing intra-articular mobility; cardiopulmonary functions; cardiac stress; and exertion assessment
A chapter devoted to pain assessment and management, with access to free patient assessment forms on Thieme’s MediaCenter
All first-and second-year physical therapy students will find this book a valuable resource that enriches their learning experience and enables them to successfully examine and evaluate patients."Essential fundamental knowledge for examination and diagnosis through a better understanding of the physical therapy examination process.

The book helps the student gain a better understanding of the physical therapy examination process, to learn the importance of clinical reasoning, to discover the value of assessing the success of treatment, and to understand the examination as an ongoing part of treating patients.
Essential basic knowledge for drawing up of medical findings are relevant for the exams. Why is clinical reasoning and success control so important? Examination is part of the therapy!