The Art of Aesthetic Surgery: Breast and Body Surgery, Third Edition - Volume 3

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ISBN: 9781684200405

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The ultimate guide to aesthetic surgery from world famous aesthetic surgeon Foad Nahai

The Art of Aesthetic Surgery: Principles and Techniques, Third Edition: Breast and Body Surgery – Volume 3 by internationally revered aesthetic surgeon Foad Nahai, distinguished section editors William Adams, Jeffrey Kenkel, and John Hunter, and an array of new contributors is part of an encyclopedic, three-volume masterwork. Considered the quintessential resource on cosmetic surgery since its inception, readers can purchase each volume separately or as a set, including a bonus e-book with access to online videos.

The field of aesthetic plastic surgery has witnessed a dramatic increase in breast and body-contouring procedures, in normal-weight patients as well as individuals who have lost massive amounts of weight. As such, new procedures and refinements of existing techniques have been developed since publication of the last edition. Volume three features three updated sections focused on breast surgery, female genital rejuvenation, and an expanded number of noninvasive and minimally invasive body contouring procedures. A new fourth section on gender-affirming surgery encompasses facial and genital approaches in this growing subspecialty.

Key Highlights

Thousands of high-quality illustrations enhance understanding of state-of-the-art approaches
New breast chapters include composite primary and revision breast augmentation and management of capsular contracture
New topics include liposuction and high definition liposculpture, screening and safety issues in massive-weight-loss patients, and brachioplasty

This critically acclaimed resource provides trainees and experienced practitioners with a solid foundation for learning basic principles and techniques in aesthetic surgery, with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes, developing innovations, and advancing the specialty.

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