Hand Trauma: Illustrated Surgical Guide of Core Procedures

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Surgical treatment of hand trauma is a highly complex form of surgery that requires mastery of several different disciplines, including microsurgery of blood vessels less than 1 mm in diameter, osteosynthesis, and flap coverage of traumatic defects. Combining these disciplines into an effective surgical repertoire requires no little creativity.

This work intends to provide clear, practical guidance to the less experienced so that they gain confidence in carrying out the core procedures involved in the surgical management of hand trauma.

Key Features:

Stepwise, concise descriptions of all core procedures, highly and helpfully illustrated
Procedures and topics covered include: nailbed repair, infections of the hand, flexor and extensor tendon repair, EIP to EPL tendon transfer, digital nerve repair, replantation and revascularization, fracture fixation techniques, limb threatening emergencies, and more
A wealth of useful tips and tricks, for trainees by trainees
Nikkhah's Hand Trauma: Illustrated Surgical Guide of Core Procedures is certain to be treasured as an indispensable resource for trainees in plastic, orthopaedic, and hand surgery.

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