Reconstructive Facial Plastic Surgery

2nd Revised and Expanded Edition 2014
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Drawing on decades of operating room and teaching experience, Dr. Weerda and his team offer a complete guide to reconstructive options for facial, head, and neck defects in this eagerly awaited second edition. Their systematic, step-by-step approach, with an emphasis on meticulous preoperative planning, evaluation of alternatives, and selection of the best procedure, ensures optimal results for all patients.

Special features of the second edition:

Includes more than 1,500 sequential illustrations of each procedure, along with full-color intraoperative photographs and before and after surgical results
Reviews the full range of local, regional, and free flaps used in the reconstruction of facial structures, with chapters on myocutaneous island flaps, delto-pectoral flaps, and free microvascular transplants written by well-known practitioners
Offers new and expanded sections on dermabrasion, free flaps, removal of skull bone for modern defect reconstruction, instrument sets/trays, and more
Covers the entire scope of the field, from basic principles, anatomy, wound healing, and scar revision to defect closings in each facial region, bone grafts, and the groundbreaking auricular reconstructive techniques developed by Dr. Weerda
Focusing on the questions, problems, and technical solutions most commonly encountered in everyday practice, this compact book will be valuable to both the novice and more experienced surgeon. It is filled with the insights, wisdom, and experience of a leading worldwide expert, and will be kept close at hand as a refresher, teaching guide, encyclopedia of facial plastic techniques, and standard operating room reference."Many patients in facial plastic surgery present with facial defects which may be of traumatic origin or the consequence of oncologic surgery or surgery of congenital defects. The reconstruction of these defects requires careful planning. Professor Weerda#s book provides the surgeon in training and the more experienced practitioner with reproducible solutions to many of the most commonly encountered problems and questions in facial plastic surgery. Surgeons must select the most appropriate surgical solution: a technique indicated in one region of the face might be wrong in adjacent regions. By offering multiple options and alternatives, the book helps the surgeon to select the most appropriate surgical solution. While for the new edition of Professor Weerda#s concise, comprehensive surgical guide, the basic concept has been maintained, the step-by-step drawings have been complemented by or replaced with intraoperative photos and photos of surgical results. The chapters on free flaps and dermabrasion have been expanded, and new chapters on removal of bone from the skull for use in modern defect reconstruction and on instrument sets/trays used in reconstructive facial plastic surgery have been added.

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