Science of Synthesis: Advances in Organoboron Chemistry towards Organic Synthesis E-Book (PDF)

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Harnessing the versatile reactivity of boron for organic synthesis

The widespread use of organoboron compounds justifies the efforts devoted to their synthesis, as well as toward developing an understanding of their reactivity. The nature of the mono- or diboron species is of paramount importance in determining the reversible covalent binding properties of the boron atom with both nucleophiles and electrophiles. By wedding the rich chemical potential of organoboron compounds to the ubiquity of organic scaffolds, advanced borylation reactions have the potential to open unprecedented synthetic alternatives, and new knowledge in the field should encourage chemists to use organoboron compounds.

In this volume, the main objective is to provide a collection of the most useful, practical, and reliable methods, reported mainly within the last decade, for boron activation and boron reactivity. The volume covers the main concepts of organoboron compounds and includes experimental procedures, enabling newcomers to the field the instant and reliable application of the new tools in synthesis. Rather than aiming for a comprehensive coverage, the most advanced solutions for challenging transformations are introduced. To this end, a team of pioneers and leaders in the field have been assembled who discuss both the practical and conceptual aspects of this rapidly growing field.