Encyclopedia of Football Medicine, Vol.3

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Authored by renowned UEFA specialists in the medical care of football players, this three-volume series—
sourced from the course materials used in UEFA’s Doctor Education Program—aims to familiarize clinicians
with a structured system of assessment and care in dealing with the wide variety of injuries that can afflict
the professional footballer. Volume 3 covers a range of multidisciplinary topics that aim to ensure that players
can compete safely and maintain peak fitness and performance, while preventing disabling injuries insofar
as possible.
Key Topics of Volume 3:
• Nutritional supplements
• Doping
• Prescreening of players
• Psychological and other risk factors
• Head injuries and concussion: screening, diagnosis, management
• Injury prevention and rehabilitation
• Practical help in providing medical service at matches
The Encyclopedia of Football Medicine will be essential reading for physicians working for football teams,
orthopaedists, sports medicine physicians, and specialised physical therapists.
Tim Meyer, MD, PhD, is Head of the Institute of Sports and Preventive Medicine, Saarland University, Team
doctor of Germany’s national team, and Chair of Medical Committee of the German Football Association.
Ian Beasley, MD, was former Head of Medical Services for the English Football Association and Doctor to the
English senior men’s team.
Zoran Bahtijarevic, MD, is national team doctor for the Croatian football team, and CEO of Children‘s Hospital
Zagreb, Croatia.
Grégory Dupont, PhD, is Head of Performance for Lille FC (LOSC), and Associate Researcher, University of Lille,
Mike Earl, was former UEFA Medical and Anti-Doping manager, Switzerland, and is World Rugby Anti-Doping
General Manager, Dublin, Ireland.
Jan Ekstrand, MD, PhD, is Professor of Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Football Research Group &
Division of Community Medicine, Department of Medical and Health Sciences, Linköping University, Sweden.
Ronald J. Maughan, PhD, is Visiting Professor at the School of Medicine, St Andrews University, St Andrews,
Jason Palmer, is Head of Physiotherapy at Chelsea Football Club, London, England.
Christopher Willis, MD, is Lead Expert of Performance Coaching for Special Forces and High Performance
Athletes, and CEO of Centre of Mental Excellence Gmbh, Innsbruck, Austria.
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