Vascular Diagnosis with Ultrasound

2nd revised edition 2005
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ISBN: 9783131038326

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One of the most powerful non-invasive diagnostic tools available to clinicians, vascular ultrasound technology has undergone dramatic changes in recent years, creating exciting new diagnostic and treatment options for a growing array of disorders. The completely revised new edition of Vascular Diagnosis of Ultrasound offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on the broad spectrum of vascular ultrasound applications. Now in two volumes-1: Cerebral and Peripheral Vessels and 2: Abdominal and Renal Vessels-this edition retains the accessible design and logical structure of the first edition and adds a new team of expert contributors and more than 500 illustrations and images.

Volume 1 features:

  • Comprehensive coverage of vascular ultrasonography in the arteries and veins of the cerebral circulation and the peripheral upper and lower limb circulation.
  • Systematic presentation of all available ultrasound technologies-including continuous and pulsed-wave Doppler mode, B-mode, conventional and color-coded duplex analysis in frequency and amplitude power modes.
  • In-depth chapters on anatomy and physiology, normal and abnormal findings, test accuracy and sensitivity.
  • Helpful comparison with data from other diagnostic methods (e.g., conventional and noninvasive MR angiography) used in each region, as well as authoritative assessments of recent developments in ultrasound technology, such as tissue perfusion studies, 3D and 4D imaging, contrast enhancement, and microbubble applications, and their diagnostic and therapeutic implications (sonothrombolysis and thrombus micro-fragmentation).
  • A revised section with many new, challenging case studies for review both for thenovice and the expert in the field.
Praise for the first edition of Vascular Diagnosis with Ultrasound:
"A huge asset to the library of the ultrasound department...will be the first source of information for any vascular ultrasound questions. Highly recommended." - RAD Magazine
"An exhaustive review of vascular diagnosis... I recommend it to any physician in training or practice... vivid illustrations and high-quality color images complement the excellent discussions." - Journal of Vascular Surgery
  • Unique combination of a clinical reference and an atlas
  • Illustrated cases demonstrating the application of vascular ultrasonography in different parts of the human body