Thieme Clinical Companions Ultrasound

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ISBN: 9783131427113

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This is the perfect guide to the use of ultrasound for medical students, residents, and radiology technicians.

To aid quick reference and review, this Clinical Companion is organized into the following color-coded sections:

Basic Principles: Physical and technical principles, ultrasound examination techniques, documentation and reporting, function studies, and interventional ultrasound are covered in this part.

Ultrasound Investigation of Specific Signs and Symptoms: What are the typical sonographic signs that suggest a diagnosis? What differential diagnoses should you consider for specific signs and symptoms? Find out by looking up principal signs and symptoms such as upper abdominal pain, palpable masses, edema, joint swelling, etc.

Ultrasound of Specific Organs and Organ Systems:
A systematic approach to the ultrasound examination of specific organs and organ systems, with emphasis on scanning protocols, normal findings, and possible abnormal findings and their significance, is provided in this part of the book.

Features of this book:

  • More than 1000 illustrations, including color Doppler images
  • Special chapters on ultrasound of the joints, carotid arteries, postoperative ultrasound, and the search for occult tumors
  • Innovative, user-friendly layout
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