Pocket Atlas of Endodontics

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ISBN: 9783131397812

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The most up-to-date presentation of modern endodontics!

Recent years have witnessed dramatic developments in the specialty of endodontics. The newest high-tech devices (e.g., clinical microscopy in conjunction with ultrasonics; nickel-titanium files) today provide the practitioner with the most modern therapeutic possibilities leading to predictable excellent treatment results. For every general dentist, continuous up-dating of the discipline's knowledge base is mandatory. This new book provides a rapid and state-of-the-art source of current scientific information, and demonstrates the implementation of the most recent data into practical clinical situations.

Refined and targeted didactic presentation:

  • Every concept is effectively depicted in a double-page spread: On the left side, a concisely formulated, instructive text; and on the right side, a relevant and informative series of illustrations including clinical photos, graphics and tables.
This book leaves no unanswered questions:
  • What to do if pain persists?
  • How to respond to every emergency situation?
  • Emergencies in children: Critical considerations?
  • How to handle incomplete root formation, obliterated root canals, perforations?
  • How best to proceed with treatment of endodontic failures?
  • Efficient treatment planning; newest techniques for canal preparation
The proven and well-accepted "Pocket Atlas'' concept!
  • Fast and up-to-date orientation of the entire area of endodontology
  • Concise text on the left and excellent illustrations on the right hand