Science of Synthesis

Your expert guide to making molecules


Organic transformations at a glance

Science of Synthesis (SOS) is your online tool for comprehensive and quality organic synthesis reviews for the most reliable chemical transformations available.

It is the only resource available containing methods with full-text reviews by experts, experimental procedures and accurate and detailed reaction schemes.


Your shortcut to the most reliable methods

SOS will provide you with synthetic methods including experimental procedures which are immediately applicable in the lab. All methods are clearly organized in a logical structure based on the functional group to be synthesized and can be explored in the context of other methods.

More than 2,500 selected experts are involved in the review and updating process, meaning that only the most reliable methods are included. SOS reviews include knowledge that you can't find anywhere else!

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How you can benefit from Science of Synthesis?

Find the most important organic transformations

Over 2,500 renowned experts select important topics, give a comprehensive review and keep the content up to date. Find out which method is useful for a particular route or not!

Get a comprehensive overview and save time

You need to work fast and efficiently? With its logical, systematic and consistent structure, SOS helps you to compare alternative methods and quickly select the best one for your needs.

Start with a synthesis immediately

Found your synthetic method of choice? In this case, you can start right away: effective and practical experimental procedures can be implemented directly in the lab.

Find out how Science of Synthesis improves your research!

Recommended by leading chemists

Science of Synthesis is an indispensable tome of chemical information organized in an intuitive and logical way. It contains information on nearly every aspect of chemical reactivity and, for me, is the “go-to” resource for rapidly learning about a new area. I use it regularly in preparation for classes and for consulting visits – it simply gives me the information I need far more easily than any search engine is capable of – and very often contains references and insight that cannot be found anywhere else.

Phil Baran, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA

Science of Synthesis has done a nice job of establishing a useful resource for synthetic chemists including some important contributions from my industry colleagues. It’s important to remember that industry has considerable expertise here, and this provides a powerful forum for scientific exchange.

Rebecca Ruck, Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp., NJ, USA

To me, the true value of Science of Synthesis is its systematic approach to reprocess the state-of-the-art for any functional group. When I quickly need a competent overview of the chemistry of this or that class of compounds, Science of Synthesis is my immediate choice. Conventional review articles do usually not provide this information.

Martin Oestreich, TU Berlin, Germany

I strongly recommend Science of Synthesis because it not only provides an effective method to find information for your research, but also is a very useful resource to organic chemists and graduate students. From SoS, you can easily find the history and development of each type of reaction. […] Try it, I really believe you will find something different here.

Shuanhu Gao, East China Normal University, Shanghai, P. R. of China

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